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From: Long Branch Car Show
Date:  August 13, 2016

They were wonderful! Their show was great and well received, and considering the heat they were troopers! They were such nice guys to work with, too. Thank you and I will be in touch in the fall to start planning for next year.
Thank you for all of your help!

Danna Kawut
From: Greg Reingruber
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2016 04:07:15 +0000
To: Bob Miranda
Subject: Re: Whats happening

Hi Bob,

After all these years, I think it's time I share a little story with you.

Back in 1966 (I think it was '66, but it could have been '67) my date (now
my wife) and I attended a dance at the University of Illinois at Chicago
featuring The Happenings.

The kids who attended danced, but after a short time it seemed like most of
us just stood and listened to the group's wonderful music, beautiful
harmonies and your absolutely terrific voice.  The dance had become a

And the best part of the evening was when you guys sang the song 'If You
Love Me (Really Love Me)'.  I remember standing behind my lady and putting
my arms around her shoulders.  We just listened.  It was at this time,
listening to this song, that I fell in love with her.

To some this story may sound sentimental or even corny, but it's true.

After that dance, uh, I mean concert, I bought my first Happenings album,
'The Happenings', and have been listening to your songs over and over ever
since.  They bring back such fond memories and memories of simpler, better

Thanks Happenings and thanks Bob for the enjoyment your music has given me
all these years.  Also, thanks in part for my wife.  And yes, we are still
together and still very much in love after 46 years.

Thanks again,
Greg Reingruber

Visions Financial
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2015 22:29:17 -0500
To: <>
Cc: Paul Greenberg
Subject: Thank You!

Hey Bob, hope you had a great flight back Home. I can't begin to thank you enough for what you and your group did for me, my family, My company, and my clients. You guys were absolutely fantastic, I had so many calls and emails from my clients today telling me what a great band we had and what a great time they had. Of all the years I've had the party I never saw a response like this. Have a very happy and healthy holiday. God Bless you, your family, and your group!

Richard Greenberg with Bob Miranda and Bob Kulik

From: Sheryl Kingland
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2012 18:08:30 -0700
Subject: Whats happening

Had a great time at the Deadwood Mountain Grand! Thanks for the memories!

From: Richard Reale
Date: May 9, 2011 3:56:16 AM EDT
Subject: I think all the superlatives about you have been exhausted.

May 9, 2011
Hello, Bobby, Bob and George --
Great thing about you is that I feel I CAN call you by your first names.
Caught your show at Queens College with The Vogues and The Association, with my friend Vito Picone as emcee.
Dazzled us all. And the other guys were good too! budda bing. ... Seriously, what a night of music, and, seriously, you were, of course, spectacular.
The rainbow changed colors all throughout your rendition, Bobby. About 1,000 people in Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan tested their tear ducts and their degree of color blindness that night. HealthPlus and MetroPlus thank you for that many less visits to their patient-tested facilities.
Bob, does Neil Diamond know that he sounds like you? Sweet.... Boston Red Sox... Seventh-inning stretch already! Very cool.
George, I play an all-white Stratocaster Lone Star... and you play better !! Of COURSE you play better ! In fact, I really enjoyed not only your style but your on-the-fly effects changes.
OK, so, who am I? Played guitar 45 years, but hardly ever in a band, until last year... I play behind the Jarmels (A Little Bit of Soap, 1961 one-hit wonder). They just celebrated their 50th anniversary in Richmond, VA, where I joined them for their Highland Falls, VA, Henrico Theatre. They sang 10 selections, 8 off their first-ever CD, released in January.
Like The Jarmels, no way I was going to miss you at Queens College. ... And I'll See You... back there. The Jarmels and I were there Oct. 9.
For all the great moments of singing along on your hits, thank you. You were more awesome in February than I could have possibly imagined.
I dropped a note to Gary Fuchs, for whom I have distributed flyers for your Feb. event and Connie Francis' concert, to thank him for reconnecting with you. Vito first told me he worked out the Rockin' Rhino/JES July date with Gary. Fabulous.

Appreciatively from a Corona, NY kid,
Rich Reale

From: Stephen Binley
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 09:31:15 -0800
Subject: 2/
12 concert in Queens, NY

Hey Guys,

Just a quick email to say that a friend and I were at your concert Saturday (2/12) in
Flushing, NY and you were phenomenal!  We both work in radio (and drove down from MA to see the show) and we were blown away with how awesome The Happenings sounded!  Bob M., your lead vocals were amazing - as well as your energy and showmanship; and Bob K., your leads were spot on and your range was terrific too.  (don't mean to leave George out, but he didn't do any lead singing... :-) ).  Your harmonies were tight and the whole sound and package of your set was as good as anything we've heard in a long time (from any genre or decade of music!).  The Happenings were really the hit of the show, as far as we were concerned, and we will definitely make a trip to see you guys again in the future.  Thanx for a GREAT set and performance - it was truly memorable for us!


Stephen Binley
Charlton, MA

P.S.  I've always LOVED "See You
In September", and have listened to the original dozens and dozens of times, and when you started that song Saturday night I leaned over and said to my friend: "that's amazing - it sounds JUST like the original", & IT DID!  Great job!

Camelot Christmas Spectacular - Symphony Hall - Allentown, PA

Dec 15, 2010

Hi Bob, we have already had requests to have you back for our 25th Anniversary show next year.  Seriously, people have said they could have listened to you guys all night!! For our show next year we would like to go back to Stabler Arena. That holds four thousand people!   [ ] Take care, say hi to the rest of The Happenings and I will talk to you soon.

80sVideoLord has made a comment on The Happenings - "I Got Rhythm" - 1967 Smothers Bros. Show: YouTube

SUPERLATIVE!!! ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! Guys, thanks for doing these songs without lip-sync'ing!! Seriously delightful... you gentlemen have been an inspiration to me musically and I hope one day to shake your hands and thank you for creating a spark in me as a child. I'm a musician and have been a vocalist since the 70s. You fellas had a great sound. I love "My Mammy" what a treatment you did. Genius! I regard you as being one of the top 5 vocal groups of the vinyl era - thanks for your hard work
Opportunity Knocks, Inc.
pdf file
08/30/09 - Private Party

Hi Bob,
I know you've exchanged emails with my Mom since my Dad's party, but I just wanted to add my own thanks for such an amazing event, and bookend this utterly spectacular chapter in my folks' lives with the other email that started it all last April.
You guys really did make this party completely over the top, and I (and the rest of my family and friends) cannot thank you enough.  With all of the busy-ness of day-to-day life and seemingly incessant touring schedules, for you to take the time to help us honor our Dad on his 70th birthday really meant more to my sisters and me (and of course our Mom and Dad) than I could possibly relate.  As much as the phrase "the time of their lives" is thrown around, it has never been more true than that night, and, simply put, your being there made it just that.  
Suffice to say, I can assure you that it will go down in the Robinson Family history as the most memorable event ever!
Thank You SO Much!!!
Jonathan Robinson
Wednesday 08/26/2009 9:10:12am
Name: james finaldi
Subject: Still the best
City/State/Country: South Amboy new jersey
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Comments: Still the BEST group performing today.
As a former musician all you gentlemen are "perfection personified". You deserve the thunderous Standing Ovations you receive.
From: joseph peters
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 06:38:25 -0400
To: "" <>

Saw you guys last night in Middletown, great show, Bob can still hit the high notes.
I took my 19 year old daughter to see you.  I explained how your songs brought me back to a time where we would drive in Harry's mother's  Pontiac tempest with the top down and sing I got Rhythm and See you in September.  Harry's gone now but for a few minutes last night I could almost feel him next to me tapping the dashboard trying to keep a beat to your songs.
Joe Peters
Sunday 06/21/2009 2:10:10pm
Name: Sal Tribuzio
Subject: WOW
City/State/Country: Las Vegas, Nevada
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Comments: Caught your show last nite at the East Side Cannery here in Vegas, all I can say is "WOW". Living here I have seen many of the "old" time greats and let me assure you, for me, you rank up there on top with the best. Many good wishes for the future and keep it rolling for us old timers.
From: Randy Young – Sound Engineer at the Eastside Cannery in Las Vegas Nv.
To: Bob Miranda of the Happenings
June 19, 2009 at The Eastside Cannery


Just a quick note to thank you for the weekend.  I'm an old school recording engineer that has worked for Carole King, Peter Cetera and Steve Miller to name a few.  I can count great singers on one hand that I've had the pleasure of working with and the list of singers is much longer than the names above, they just never made it to that 1 hand.  I grew up knowing your songs, but when you listen to the Albums (or CD's now, not to mention the 8 tracks, and yes I had some) you do not get the true representation of the performance that each artist gave for that recording. You have now been placed, in my book, as one of those singers that gets added to that one hand.  There were moments on Saturday night that you sent chills up my spine (Somewhere Medley).  I've been doing this 30 + years and I don't get wowed about much anymore, I just mix and do what I do with all of the tricks I've learned over the years and of course I know when to use them and when NOT to.

The Eastside Cannery has it's little groupies that come to all of the shows and I've gotten to know them (like ya do).  So I'm chatting with one of them after tonight's show and I asked the question of which has been your favorite show in this room so far.  Now keeping in mind that she is a true blue "Vogues" fan, being from the same town in PA as the Vogues,  however the response for her favorite show was tonight's (Sat) performance with "The Happening's".

I truly hope our paths cross again.  
until next time, safe travels

Randy Young
Monday 05/18/2009 8:35:21am
Name: Kathy D'Angelo
Subject: Saturday at the Keswick Theater
City/State/Country: Philadelphia, PA
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Comments: Thank you for helping out Saturday as the LAST MINUTE replacement for Jimmy Beaumont and the Skyliners. YOU WERE FANTASTIC. My husband has taught me to love Doo Wop but as you were on stage, I had to whisper in his ear "At least I was BORN, for these hits". The whole show was terrific, Thank you again for filling in.
Sunday 05/17/2009 9:43:04am
Name: Dan and Jeanette Molsky
Subject: Keswick Theatre
City/State/Country: Churchville, Pa. USA
Referred By: Search Engine
Comments: Just saw you as part of the Doo-wop concert at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, Pa last night (5/16). You guys were the hit of the show!! I can't imagine how difficult it was for you since you were a last minute replacement, but you sure came through!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday 03/28/2009 9:14:52am
Name: John Brunozzi
Subject: Explorer Of The Seas
City/State/Country: Leola , Pa.
Referred By: Search Engine
Comments: Thank You again for a one if not the best concert we have ever seen, you guys are the BEST. We will attempt to see you guys again at the AMT in Lancaster next March. Till then, Thanks and Take Care
John and Beth Brunozzi
Wednesday 02/18/2009 12:23:57am
Name: Lonnie Lonsbury
Subject: the good old days
City/State/Country: Angola,Ind., USA
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Comments: Back in the mid 60's our local college, booked the Happenings for one of their events. My best friend lived right behind the gym. We helped take in some gear and everyone was very nice. The performance that night helped cement my decision to become a musician. Thanks to the Beatles and the Happenings I'm still playing today, some 40 years later. Thank You and all the best.
Sunday 01/18/2009 9:48:50pm
Name: John Barrett
Subject: Motivational music
City/State/Country: Hatboro, PA
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Comments: What a great group!! This music is very motivational and no one else can compare.Thanks to The Happenings.
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