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The Happenings virtually exploded onto the national
charts in May of 1966 with their first single release,
"See You In September". The song quickly spiraled up
the charts to become an international #1 record
throughout the entire summer. Most recently,
Entertainment Magazine has listed "See You In
" in the top 100 summer songs of all time!
The Happenings, continuing to become a major force
in the music industry, soon released their next smash
hit "
Go Away Little Girl" and hugely successful album
Bye, Bye, So Long, Farewell". With
Bob Miranda, the
lead singer of
The Happenings and the voice that
literally spearheaded the group into international
stardom, many great releases were to follow including
the classic hits, "
I Got Rhythm", "My Mammy", and a
virtual treasure chest of hit albums!
The Happenings
In the years to follow, The Happenings would travel
and perform throughout the United States, Europe,
and South America. Their venues would include large
capacity concerts and appearances on nearly every
major television show in America, including:
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, The Smothers
Brothers Show
, and The Merv Griffin Show. They
would share the stage with such music and
entertainment giants as
The Beach Boys, Roy
, Joan Rivers, John Denver, The Drifters, The
Kingston Trio
, and many more!
The Happenings
Today, the group consists of the original lead singer
Bob Miranda and Ed Gaudio.
The group is a powerhouse of nostalgia and
contemporary material that truly captures the classic
signature sound that has made
The Happenings a
worldwide favorite for 50 years!
Happenings continue to perform in concert
arenas and major show rooms throughout the country.
Their extraordinary vocal talent and unparalleled
showmanship continues to consistently bring
audiences to their feet literally everywhere they go!
In the words of
Richard Nader, one of the great
concert promoters of all time, "The incredible sound of
The Happenings is as good today as it was in the
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