2001 Song Poll 
Results & Comments 

  1. would love to know when your CD is coming out
  2. My number one Happenings song is See You In September, however, Go Away Little Girl, I Got Rhythm, and My Mammy are very close second favorites. The Happenings were always one of my favorite groups. I hope they perform in the Washington, DC area one of these days. Sincerely, Harry Marchese e-mail: hmarch@prodigy.net
  3. love that group and the guys are so nice met them many times Love Mary
  4. How come the group does not perform "My Mammy"? That's the song that has the most votes!!!
  5. When are you coming to Southern Calif?
  6. I just got back for The Happenings concert in Hunterdon Central High School. They were great. Although my favorite song is See You In September, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Go Away Little Girl and I've Got Rhythm are close second, third and fourths.
  7. Do you have any up coming shows in N E Pa. we would love to see you again .
  8. The Happenings happen to be the most happening act I've happened upon on the web!
  9. See you in September was a great hit and I agree it should be in the top 100 hits of all time. I also love "Go Away Little Girl". Great songs are never forgotten.
  10. Spent a week on the MS Westerdam with The Happenings and loved the show they did. Only wish they could have performed again. Looking forward to purchasing the new CD.
  11. Seen the Group last night at the Strand in Lakewood NJ, They still have it! Great Show Guy! Hope you will return soon!
  12. great show in havastraw friday night. both singers sang there hearts out. great effort will definitly go see you again.
  13. Bob Miranda has good stage presence and a dynamic voice that seems to get better with age!
  14. I knew It, Best SONG "See you in Sept"
  15. Quoique j'adore aussi "See You September"
  16. What about "I believe in nothing"? Brilliant record
  17. The Happenings are underrated and under appreciated in rock history. I'm not sure why. My favs. are: I've Got Rhythm and Go Away Little Girl
  18. Just saw you last night in Brookdale Park..please play more often in Jersey. I live in Livingston.
  19. I LOVE "NUMBER ONE"!!!
  20. Saw you at the Hollywood park in Fairfield, NJ. You were super GREAT! Loved the songs you sang. Didn't have my purse with me and would have loved to buy a CD with the songs you sang that nite. Is there one available?
  21. Can you guys do the song from your new CD, You're Number one ? haven't heard u sing it live yet =o) Love it!
  22. It's Really Very Hard To Choose Just One They Are All Terrific, See You In Sept. Will Always Be The Number One Song. Each Time We Hear You , You Get Better & Better. All Good Health To All Of You, Your Great. Saw Your Performance Last Night In Fairfield 8/20/01 Just Great. Best Wishes Gary & Madeline Bartholf  West Paterson , NJ 07424-2712 { E- GBARTH@BELLATLANTIC.NET }
  23. I liked the Happenings 1967 music period, with songs like "I Got Rhythm," "My Mammy," and "Music, Music, Music." I like the way they redid old Al Jolson songs and modernized them. I have very fond memories from that year, when I first started buying records at age eleven. The Happenings had GREAT harmony.
  24. saw you guys twice during the summer and really thought you just sounded awesome really wearing out the "still going strong" CD I purchased from you at the seaport, thanks again for putting on such a great show hope to see you guys on the WCBS cruise soon!