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38. Phyllis C · 12-10-2012 20:34:06
Want to wish you all a Blessed Holiday Season, and A Very Happy New Year
Miss you guys!!!!!!!!!



37. Pat Cilmi · 11-24-2012 19:56:55
Just came home from Cruise on The Explorer of the Sea and had the privilege of seeing yur concert on the ship. You were terrific and you brought back memories of the past, thank you!

36. Kevin Porter · 11-04-2012 23:06:24
I enjoyed your music back in the 60's and again a few years ago in Schenectady, Proctor's Theater w/ Peter Noone and Mitch Rider & the Detroit Wheels.



35. Jeff Davis · 10-15-2012 15:06:24
I saw you in Jackson, Ms way back when (around 1970). So glad you are still going strong!!!



34. Jackie · 09-27-2012 13:17:56
Saw you in Worcester MA last week you blew us away with you songs and brought us back to the best years ever the 50-60's We especially loved girl on a swing and would love to get a copy of whatever album it is on. Going to check out Thanks again for a wonderful walk down memory lane!

33. Darlene Haglund · 09-22-2012 20:38:42
Saw you in Worcester, MA on Friday 9/22/12 at the Hanover Theatre. Awesome show. Brought back so many memories! Glad I saw you in September! Thanks for the memories.

32. Carole · 09-22-2012 9:07:34
I really enjoyed your performance last night.
George, I am going to start working on my suggestion to you last night on Monday. Hope to see you and everyone in March.

31. KIM sYLVEST · 09-21-2012 15:22:57

30. Alda · 09-04-2012 12:49:05
Saw you in Edison on Sunday and really enjoyed the show. Saw you in September! ­ Thanks for rekindling some great memories!

29. Jeanne S · 09-04-2012 11:45:22
Saw you guys at Roosevelt Park Edison, N.J. on Sept. 2, and you were fantastic. The rain couldn't get us out of there. You blew us away with your songs and showmanship. Hats off to you guys! God Bless... ­ ­

28. Jeanne S. · 09-03-2012 17:20:59
Saw you at Roosevelt Park in Edison, N.J. Sunday, Sept.2, and you guys were fantastic. It rained, but as long as you continued singing we were not leaving. Now how is that for die-hard fans? You are the best and hope you sing for many years to come. God Bless ..... ­ ­

27. Dave · 09-03-2012 10:00:38
What a show guys. You were totally awesome!! From the Beach Boys to Proud to Be an American and everything in between and before was just good Ole American sounds. See You In September wow I was 10 years old and I remembered almost every word. It was like yesterday when I bought that 45. Those were some good days and you brought it all back. It was just fantastic to remember every song and sing along. What energy all of you. Bravo!! Bravo!! YOU RAISE ME UP.

26. Jeanne S. · 09-02-2012 21:19:41
Saw your show at Roosevelt Park in Edison, N.J. today, Sept. 2, 2012 and what a great show you put on! It rained and people were leaving but I wasn't going nowhere. A little rain wasn't going to melt me - your songs did melt me. Keep singing and keep the memories alive. You brought us back to the Good Old Days and we thank you. God Bless you .....­ ­

25. Lauren and Ed · 09-02-2012 20:40:00
Caught your show in Edison this evening. Went to see another great bunch of "Jersey Boys", the Hitmen, but stayed for your set, and now you have some new fans. Great show, keep it going.
24. Linda Zuchowski · 09-02-2012 18:54:46
I love you guys. Grew up listening to your music and listening to your concert in Edison, NJ over cell phone. My brother is there are I listened to the entire concert. Sensational!

23. D Swanson · 09-01-2012 10:26:23
Saw you last night at the Mustang rally at the Deadwood Mountain Grand. You were GREAT! Such happy, feel good music. Really enjoyed your energy. Hope you make it to Minneapolis sometime. Would love to see you again.



22. carl · 08-31-2012 0:49:08
you guys rocked the glad you still rockin.i remember my dad having an 8-track of you was called golden hits.many years went by and i just had to buy that cd because i remember loving that 8-track.i still love that album golden guys are the greatest.carl.

21. RAP · 08-28-2012 16:00:18
The show last night in Springfield can only be described with one word, FANTASTIC! I have been thinking about going to the concert in Lancaster-did not know you were going to be there-now I'm going. See you in October!

20. Phil Scardilli Jr · 08-28-2012 12:10:32
Hi Guys
We really enjoyed the show last night in Springfield. You were enthusiastic as was the audience.
Steven had a great time as always. You are always nice to him and he loves it. Sound system was very good.

19. Joe Mauro · 08-28-2012 0:47:50
Hi Guys, Saw your show at Springfield NJ tonight & it was great. You never disappoint the crowd. Good luck & keep the music alive

18. Elliot Robinson · 08-26-2012 0:32:17
must have a copy of your recording .. See you in September... where can i buy it ?? many thaks continued sucess

17. Harold Cartwright · 08-17-2012 18:06:54
Just got done listening to "See
You in September". I always did
enjoy listening to your music. Like
others, IT WILL NEVER DIE !! I
sure hope you guys make the
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. With
all your credentials you definitely deserve it !! GOD BLESS



16. phyllis · 07-27-2012 16:56:57
Sorry I missed you Hope I can get to another event to see you.
Bob I am doing well and loving my retirement.
All the best to all of you

15. Marge · 07-18-2012 22:10:13
Hi, Guys!!
Great show in Hackensack, last night. Hope to see you all, soon!

14. Dennis and Mary · 07-08-2012 14:18:17
Hi Bob,
Great show at he Sellersville theater on 7-7-12. We have been huge fans of your music since it came out in the 60's and it still sounds as good. Thanks for the great memories that your music bring back. We hope that you keep on rocking and we can't wait until we can attend another show.

13. Ed & Chris · 07-06-2012 23:43:46
Just saw you guys tonight at Brookdale Park in Essex County. We've been fans for years and you sounded great as usual. We used to chat with you Bob when you played at the Nutley Pub

12. norma jacobs · 07-06-2012 23:33:20
Tonight's show in Bloomfield was wonderful.Bobby, you are such a talented man and the audiance really loved every minute of your show­Can't wait till next time,be well my friend­

11. jeffmostwill · 07-06-2012 21:09:21
Just came from the Essexco Concert. yOU GUYS NEVER SOUNDED BETTER. i'T'S 1966 all over again

10. Bert and Becky · 07-04-2012 23:20:36
Hi Bob,
Great to meet you at Trenton Thunder tonight. Happy 4th of July!

9. Bert and Becky · 07-04-2012 23:18:47
Hi Bob,
Great meeting you tonight at Trenton Thunder!
Hope to catch one of your shows soon.



8. Chris Craig · 05-25-2012 11:21:30
Fantastic show aboard The Enchantment of the Seas May 23rd!

7. Steve Dassa · 05-06-2012 22:46:04
Hey Bob,
Just want to say THANK YOU for a great show today at Hofstra!!!!!

6. Tony Lembo · 05-01-2012 19:50:07
Looking forward to seeing all of you again on May 18th, Bobby M. you sound almost the same as you did back at Eastside, Your delivery of the arrangements are timeless and will echo thruout history as it has since the 60's .Bobby P. you know I am your biggest fan ,brother, get out there and rattle those "pots and pans"



5. Bryn Henning · 03-29-2012 14:04:24
Hi! I am going to see you at Harold Decker's house on Sat, 3/31. I am so delighted, and looking forward to meeting you.
Bryn Henning

4. Tom Gagnon · 03-28-2012 22:28:41
Just got home from your Kings Point Florida show. Great show!!

3. Johnny V · 03-26-2012 21:24:30
Loved You Guy's on the cruise second time we caught you there you guys are great also thanks george for visiting our band web site and saying such nice things "Its all about the Music"

2. Spencer Heller · 03-15-2012 15:47:21
Bob, Am coming to your show on March 17...........hoping to re-unite after "decades". Spencer Heller Denise Heller's brother


1. Dot Scarpa · 02-09-2012 0:30:58  
Welcome to The Happenings' new guestbook. Be sure to sign it and let them know you were here ­


Wednesday 02/01/2012 7:45:38pm
Name: Steven & Evelyn K
Subject: Great Show
City/State/Country: Langhorne, PA USA
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Comments: Royal Caribbean/Enchantment
Loved your show aboard....Thanks for the Memories



Tuesday 01/31/2012 12:39:51am
Name: Christina Wright
Subject: WOW!!!
City/State/Country: Mahopac, NY 10541
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Comments: Wow...On my first cruise and you guys were GREAT!!! What energy!!! Thank-You so much!!!
Tuesday 01/24/2012 10:43:49pm
Name: frank wagenhoffer
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Comments: what ever happened to ralph devito?
Tuesday 01/17/2012 8:14:38am
Name: Stephen McKevitt
Subject: Girls on the Go
City/State/Country: DC
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Comments: Great Music! ... Still love "Girl on a Swing". But "Girls on the Go": also a fine, fine song. Can you post the lyrics to this song too?

Good Regards, Steve
Thursday 01/05/2012 6:23:14am
Name: Geraldine Wade
Subject: Will see you
City/State/Country: Sciota, Pa. USA
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Comments: Will see you in Feb. on the Cruse. It will be my daughters first Cruse and I gave it to her for Christmas. Can't waite.
Wednesday 01/04/2012 9:01:44pm
Name: John DeMELLO
Subject: Happy New Year
City/State/Country: Southington, CT
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Comments: Wishing the "Happenings" a Happy New Year and looking forward to bring an "Oldies" Concert to the Town of Southington this spring.